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Hey yall! I wanted to do something different with this post and talk about one of my favorite things to do, read! Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a surplus of interesting books from high and “low” profile authors surface throughout media. It’s exciting to see book lovers ranting and raving about a new book release or witnessing your favorite book become a movie. I believe its important to not only feed your body a healthful diet but your mind too. Like the old saying goes, “Reading is fundamental!” Unfortunately some folks haven’t grasped that concept yet.


In this post, I decided to share some of my favorite must read selections to you all. These books have changed my life in many ways and i’m excited to share them with you. My parents introduced me to reading at a very young age and at three years old, I got into the realest book of all time, Clifford the Big Red Dog. It was lit and the rest was history. I read the Babysitter Club, Goosebumps + Fear Street series by R.L. Stine, Christopher Pike series, and many more in elementary school…memories! I got into more analytical text in high school + college but recently dove into autobiographies. Below you will find a list of books that are worth the read! Thanks to Amazon, I provided links if you want to purchase them for yourselves. Lastly, please feel free to share your book list with me too. #BookWormsUnite!

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The Holy Bible: The Bible…the B-I-B-L-E…the Bible has shaped my life in many, many ways. I was introduced to the Bible when I was younger, but never fully got into it until I became an adult. I discovered so many gems that I will forever hold onto my life. Not only are these gems vital, but growing closer to God has helped me to become a better woman mentally and physically. I use the New Living Translation because the language isn’t archaic but relevant to today’s world. Also, my Bible is a study Bible so that helps tremendously if you want to apply the scriptures to your day to day activities…just don’t be spiritually spooky yall…I’ll speak more on that in another post.

Anderson Cooper Dispatches from the EdgeI’ve been a fan of Anderson Cooper for over ten years *tear* (Yes, i’m counting the years…and??) I became a fan ever since I toured the CNN Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia in 2007. It was there that I saw the large billboard of the Silver Fox; my life was changed. I returned home and started to watch his show and understand his life journey. In high school, my teacher (shout out to Mr. Z!) purchased two copies of Anderson Cooper’s autobiography, Dispatches from the Edge, just for me! One copy was a deluxe addition with a DVD (YASS) #ThePowerofTeacherSupport

Anderson tells us his perspective after the cameras stop rolling when he reports at war torn countries or sites impacted by natural disasters. Not only does he discuss his job as a correspondent, but he talks about his beginnings as a young journalist + the trials and errors of breaking into the business. Dispatches from the Edge is one of my favorite books because it gave me insight on his personal life that we don’t see on television. He also talks about juicy family experiences that are jaw breaking, relatable and raw. 

The SecretLet me be honest…I was SKEPTICAL about this book. I thought it was a complete gimmick…for many reasons. The book cover was one of them. However, after watching a brief interview from the Oprah Winfrey show a few years ago on YouTube,  I wanted to learn more about it. The Secret is about The Law of Attraction. That’s it. Nothing more or less. The author, Rhonda Byrne, teaches us how to acknowledge our desires and stick with them until they manifest. The Secret The Secret also discuss positive affirmations and great testimonies too. I recommend the Secret to anyone if you are serious about manifesting your goals and seeing results!

Year of Yes: I had to get into this book for many reasons and one being, it’s SHONDA RHIMES! DUH! The Head Honcho behind the best shows on network television. Not only does she inspire me professionally but personally too. In Year of Yes, Ms. Rhimes discusses the right time to say Yes and No. She devoted herself  to an entire year of declaring, ‘Yes’ to whatever opportunity that comes her way. Of course, she makes some ‘No’s’. The Year of Yes really helped me to step outside my comfort zone and to say a healthy ‘Yes’ to things that may have frightened me before. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to step outside the comfort zone and discover what they are really made of. #BlackWomanMagic <3

Black Privilege Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It: Now I was hella…I mean HELLA skeptical about reading anything related to Charlemagne, let alone an entire book written by him. Charlemagne is known for being a radio personality on New York’s hottest radio station, Power 105.1’s radio show, the Breakfast Club. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching most of the interviews on the Breakfast Club but if you are an avid listener/viewer like me, you know how shady Charlemagne can be toward his guests. That’s why getting immersed into this book was a challenge at first BUT, after the first several pages, I was hooked. Black Privilege is a great book for those interested in the “come up” or the “hustle.” Charlemagne…or shall I saw, Leonard (his government name) drops so many gems that I apply to my life. His autobiography is funny, a tear jerker, a little shady, and real. I dare you to read and have a different perspective!

Milk & Honey: This book right here…wow! Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur is a collection of poems about youth, adulthood and platonic/romantic relationships and more. I  got into this book last year but recently revisited it and so many emotions resurfaced.  I was impressed by how relatable her poems were…I recommend this book if you want to reflect on the past (of course you have every right to move on LOL) but Rupi, girl…she hit home on so many levels.  

Song of the HummingbirdA classic novel written by the no other talented Latin author, Garciela Limon. I was introduced to this book in middle school but never got the chance to read it again until college. Yall, let me tell you, from start to finish I was in absolute tears!! I’ve never read a book that made me shed thug tears until Song of the Hummingbird. This book is about an Aztec woman who gives her perspective on the Spanish Conquest to a Spanish priest. There are so many twists, turns, shouts, revelations, and wig snatching that can only be found through Mrs. Limon’s creativity and historical facts. 

Leslie: I loveee Omar Tyree and all that he does! His work is incredible and one of my favorite books written by him is Leslie. I always recommended this novel to my close friends/acquaintances that are interested in horror and folklore. You see the book will have you at the edge of your seat AND interested in learning more about Haitian culture, voodoo, and New Orleans’ history. I read this book at least 2-3 times because it’s that good and it never, ever gets old. *UPDATE* Producers are currently adapting this booking into a MOVIE!!


What’s your favorite book? Comment down below, i’ll love to read!

As always, thanks for reading and i’ll see you on my next post!



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