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    Hey yalls! I’m so sorry for the hiatus. I was busy submitting countless assignments for film school and outside projects and started a new job (YAY!). Since I’ve been away, I…

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    Interview with Jazmine Lewis!

    Hi everyone! I had the opportunity to interview Jazmine Lewis a former UC Riverside track star and contestant on CBS’ Amazing Race Season 27! I chatted with the newly Golden State…

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    Two months ago I walked into my gym and cancelled my membership. Since then, I’ve devoted myself to outdoor/indoor exercises. As I’ve mentioned in the previous post, I’m not quitting the…

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    The Truth Behind Thigh Gaps!

    I had a terrible time writing this post for several and obvious reasons, its sensitivity. I’ll just put it out there, “thigh gaps.” You may be asking, what’s the big deal?…