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What I Learned In 2015!

Yooo, what a year it’s been! So much has happened this year and I can probably write a bestseller about it (NOT KIDDING). But for now, I will give you a pinch of what happened. I learned so much about dating, strengthening my relationship with God and maintaining my fitness goals. I really matured A LOT this year and I welcome 2016 with open arms! I hope you do too. In the meantime, let’s reflect on our accomplishments, setbacks, and setups. Let’s be grateful for the life we have and our health. Cheers!


DATING: I dated someone for almost a year expecting that it would last forever and we would run off into the sunset like most fairy-tales. SIKKKEEEE! Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I was bummed and hurt. Getting through that break-up was tough but guess what? I’m extremely thankful that it happened! I thank God for removing that toxic situation from my life. It was extremely stressful, unsatisfying, and damaging. Despite the toxicity, I learned A LOT. I learned that everything genuinely happens for a reason and every situation is an opportunity to learn. One thing for certain, I am MUCH happier right now. I developed self-confidence and understood my worth as a woman. I drew much closer to God and the ones that truly matter in my life. Most importantly, I learned that no man can compare to the love God has for me.


Ladies and gentleman, I must say, let go of anything that is toxic to your life. If that means letting go of a toxic relationship or friendship, then so be it. Even if that means letting go of your own toxic attitude/behavior…let it go! Start the New Year with a spiritual and mental cleanse. The people you spend your time with the most usually shapes your outlook on life, no matter how positive you are as a person. Understand your worth and move towards a healthier relationships.

HEALTH: Initially when I started my fitness journey, I was super-duper-STRICT. I ate within a certain time frame, exercised twice a day, and obsessed over my body image. I was a complete mess. This year I decided to change my destructive habits and L-I-V-E and love my body for what it is. This year I learned to challenge my endurance, challenge societal standards of beauty, and challenge the way I ate. If you read my previous posts, you will understand that self-love was and still is a long complex journey for me. I’m not perfect and I never want to strive for perfection. However, I try my absolute best at whatever I do.

My advice for you is, to set realistic goals that can be easily obtain. Also, stop being so hard on yourself and have a balanced lifestyle. It’s hard, it’s a challenge, but it’s well worth it! Like I always say, before you begin ANY fitness journey, learn the journey of self-love first. Self-love is the root of all love! You can’t learn to love anyone else if you can’t love yourself. Open you heart and mind to love and peace, happiness, and joy WILL trickle into your life.

SPIRITUALITY: 2015 most definitely drew me much closer to God and significantly strengthened my faith in Him. Without my faith in God…maaan I don’t even wanna think about that! LOL I am so deep in my faith it’s immeasurable. I thank Him for my brightest and darkest days. I thank Him for my failures and accomplishments. I highly suggest putting Him first with everything you do. Take your hands off the wheel of life and allow God to direct your steps. He is the controller, ruler, Alpha & Omega, creator, and father of all things (whether you believe it or not). He lives! Trust Him with your life and all things will fall into place.


Thank you for reading my 2015 reflection. I also wanted to thank you all for supporting NaijaGalFitness! I started this website to motivate a few close friends and family on health and wellness but I never knew I would have thousands of readers! Every viewer, follower, comment and like never goes unnoticed. Together we can combat obesity and obtain a healthier lifestyle! I’m so ready for what’s in store for NaijaGalFitness in 2016! Please stay tuned for new content!

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Stay blessed, humbled, and have a Happy New Year! May the Force always be with you.

Until next year my loves,



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  • Sincerely Ambitious
    January 11, 2016 at 6:44 AM

    Yess let go of what does not serve you! Let go of the toxic attitude, friendship, and relationships!

    • anthonia1992
      August 22, 2016 at 4:59 AM

      Hi there, thanks for your response and my apologies for my delayed response!

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