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On March 10th, 2016, I made the life altering decision to cut red meat, chicken, and from my diet. This decision came after talking on the phone with a friend. Seriously! We had long conversation about where our meat comes from and the treatment of animals in factory farms. Even after the long intense conversation, she still eats meat! LOL As for me, I decided to cut all ties from it. Giving up meat actually humored me because I remember a time when I would make fun of people for eating “rabbit food.” You know, like kale salads, nuts, etc. etc. Now, I FINALLY see the importance of “rabbit food.” It’s all about knowing what you’re putting into your body and nourishing it with clean foods.


There’s so many great health benefits when you switch to a clean plant-based diet. Not only will you lose inches off your waist but your skin will clear and you will feel 100% amazing! Since, I cut out meat, I feel invincible, less irritable, and my skin has cleared up tremendously.


You see, I’m not a radical PETA activist nor did I become one but I did research factory farms and it was ridiculous! The amount of pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones given to farm animals was repulsive! Not only does these harmful chemicals stay in the animals but are passed onto the people who eat them (dosomething.org). Today, I will consider myself to be on a Pesacetarian but mainly plant-base diet. You may be asking, “Aren’t seafood factory farms just as harmful too?” Well, yes! (We can’t win can we?) I mean if we can simply eat air and be full, fit, and satisfied that would be awesome. But too bad it’s mostly polluted. That is why I choose to eat more plant based foods than seafood. When I do consume seafood, its mainly salmon or shrimp. Below you will find a few tips that helped me to maintain my diet! Please let me know if you have any questions or additional tips!



I visited my doctor twice just to make sure I was eating the proper meals and was not lacking nutrition. For me, Googling what and how to eat didn’t cut it. I had to physically meet with an expert to ensure my body was getting all the nutrition it needed. ALSO, consult with your doctor if you are interested in taking vitamins too. Sometimes we consume loads of unnecessary vitamins that can easily make us sick or cause long-term medical issues. If you don’t have access to a doctor then Google, YouTube, WebMD may work for you. Just use wisdom to guide you to a trusting resource.



As I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t have a hard time giving up meat but for you it may be challenging. If you wanna practice not eating meat for a day then I suggest, Meatless Mondays. See how you feel at the end of the day and if you wanna continue then try Meatless Tuesdays. If it’s not for you, don’t worry about it. At least you tried!


Researching and visiting your doctor is major key but also researching fun/easy recipes OR cool restaurants to dine are great too! Recently, I went to Veggie Grill with friends in Walnut Creek, CA because they are known for affordable vegan and vegetarian food. You may be surprised, but they’re food is very flavorful and filling too! Check your local locations to see if Veggie Grill is near you. If you want to prepare your own meals then check out a few blogs I’ve been using: Minimalist Baker, Buzzfeed Tasty (don’t sleep on them!) AllRecipes.



Telling your family and supportive friends are extremely important because you will need a support system! Not only will your new diet change you for the better but it may also influence the people around you too. How awesome is that?


I hope you found this post helpful! I’ll see you on my next post. Lots of love!



Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'” (Matthew 4:4)

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