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I felt it in my spirit to share this post of encouragement with you all. I hope you find strength and regain a sense of faith after reading this. Thank you for your time!

Last year I applied for a prestigious Fellowship that would grant me partnership with a major television network. I would have the opportunity to film a documentary of my choice in any country in the world. I spent months filling out the application, countless meetings with professors for recommendation letters, and formed relations with an international university for additional support. When 2017 rolled up, I was determined to get the Fellowship by any means necessary. The week I was supposed to find out, I received an e-mail from the organization and I was filled with hope until it read, “I regret to inform…” I was crushed. I wanted this Fellowship to be my plan after graduation. I had a plan b but never really thought considered it. I silently questioned the Lord, why?! I thought if I prayed countless hours, read scriptures and attended church that I would get what my heart desired.

I lost hope and faith in everything I ever believed in. I was in a funk for a few days until I had a nudge in my spirit that reminded me that greater is coming and “… And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him (Rom. 8:28).” Believe it or not, I felt recharged. I talked with family, and they too reminded me of Romans 8:28.


That week, I sketched out my plans for post-graduation while considering the Will God has for my life. I had to remind myself, that although I have desires of my heart, I have to make sure they align with God’s plans. I had to be honest and release myself from me…and truly allow God to lead me to the right path where people can truly see His wonderful works. Surrendering my life to Christ wasn’t an easy decision at first but once ‘I let go & let God’ my life changed. I’m less tensed, anxious, and worried. I’m not saying worry doesn’t come but I no longer allow it to fester in my spirit.

That rejection from the Fellowship taught me that God’s “no’s” is ultimately a blessing and not to harm me but a sign of redirection. Secondly, I came to the conclusion that failure is no longer an option and if one door closes, I’ll keep going until one opens…or I’ll create my own. No matter how tough life gets I’ll keep going because I need to see the fruits of my labor and achieve the purpose God has created in my life.

By God’s grace, I’ve already received several opportunities this month already!  I’m excited for what’s to come and how God will continue to use me from this day on.


I hope this post suits you well and feel free to e-mail if you wanna chat! Hang in there and keep going.  Lastly, a HUGE thank you to everyone that supported me on that application! Your love and encouragement was truly a blessing and one of a kind. Much love.

28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)





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