I Was Fired.

I was hesitant to write this post but I had to remember, it isn’t about me but for the person who may need encouragement or hope for tomorrow.


As many of you’ve read in my previous blog posts, (here & here) I was extremely joyful about my recent employment after searching high and low for months. Last Friday (Jan. 5th to be exact), I was terminated because I wasn’t “qualified…” whatever that meant. I was devastated by the news and angry that they deemed me as unqualified after all the hard work I put into my position. After I was discharged, I sat in my car and balled! I couldn’t understand, and I asked God all sorts of questions. When the tears stopped flowing, I called my family and told them the news. They were just as shocked as I was and extremely supportive towards me.



I was working at a non-profit organization as a Marketing and Design Coordinator. I was very familiar with this organization since I was once a participant in high school. I was ready to dive in and give back to an organization that did so much for me as a teen. That changed when I noticed my co-workers were treating me different…you see, I don’t want to use this post to spill any “tea” or vent about anything (I will ROAST for dayzzz yall….#GETOUT). However, I want to make note of the underlying misconduct and mistreatment I endured while working for that organization. Honestly, I just can’t tolerate rude, immature, fake, faker than turkey bacon fake, fakery, fakkke, f@keeeeeeee3333, fakkkety-fake-fake-fakettatyyy, people. That’s all.


Through this experience, I quickly learned to listen to God’s voice! God told me to #GETOUT soooo many times, and I ignore it. I thought the position was right for me, especially being a recent grad. The pay was great and I saw the potential. WRONG! All that glitters ain’t gold…lesson learned. Either way, I took away so much useful internal business information that I will apply to my own entrepreneurial endeavors.

Here’s some key takeaways I wanted to share during my two second employment:

  1. Speak up for yourself even if your voice shakes

  2. Listen to the Holy Spirit

  3. Don’t get the job because of the money!!

  • Yes, bills are important
  • Yes, eating is important
  • Yes, staying off the street is important

BUT I believe it’s important to remember that God will ALWAYS PROVIDE TOO! So choose a job out of passion not desperation. Not only will you be miserable working at a place you have no business being at, but when the job goes (*N*SYNC voice* bye-bye), you will be left broke, disgusted, and depressed.

  1. Be ready for the bounce back!

I had a few on-going projects (*Milly-rockin’*) outside of my job so leaving wasn’t too bad. My discharge wasn’t a failure but a redirection to where I am supposed to be. I am ready to receive all that God has for me and i’m excited beyond words.


Lastly, keep in mind that God is ultimately the author of your life. Therefore, you can’t expect friends/family to help you figure out your entire life. I must say, I do believe God gives us people to speak into our lives and to give us comfort, that’s without a doubt. However, seek God first above all else, and trust me, He will give you ALL the clarity you need. Be patient with Him + yourself. Also, don’t define yourself based off your job or titles…always remember who you are outside of the accolades, money, etc. You are more than that title.


Moving forward, this isn’t the end all be all (Obviously). I can’t lie and say I didn’t have a sense of “fear” of the future after they discharged me. But, I had to remember that God has the final say and people don’t control my destiny! I was fired but I wasn’t burned. Thank you Jesus.

Until next time,


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