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Interview with Jazmine Lewis!

Hi everyone! I had the opportunity to interview Jazmine Lewis a former UC Riverside track star and contestant on CBS’ Amazing Race Season 27! I chatted with the newly Golden State Warriors employee and Masters of Science. on her journey to fitness and athleticisms. She gives us her secrets to maintain her shape, how to stay motivated during a workout and more! 

NaijaGalFitness: What brought you into sports and fitness?


Jazmine Lewis: When I was 2 years old I started gymnastics and was in competitive gymnastics until I was 15 years old. It was rigorous because I wasn’t able to go to prom because we traveled all over the place. We went to Hawaii, Idaho and more all in one year! When I was 14 years old, I wanted an actual life and I didn’t want to do gymnastics anymore. Luckily, I found other sports like track and field, volleyball, and basketball but I really fell in love with track and field.


I excelled well in track and during my senior year I started to get calls for different collegiate scholarship offers. I was ecstatic. In college I studied what I loved and played a sport that grew beyond a passion, it became my lifestyle. After countless practices, meets, championships, I became curious about the sport business. I observed the business aspects and soon pursued a Master’s degree in Sports Management.

N.G.F.: What are your personal wins within sports?


J.L: My first personal win was when I was 15 and I was the only competitor from the west coast going to the regional championships in Southern California and I won the entire meet! I beat competitors from California, Idaho, and Arizona. It was pretty cool and it allowed me to end gymnastics on a good note. My second personal win was my senior year [in college] where I broke the school record at UC Riverside and the record wasn’t broken in over 20 years. This record placed me second place in all the conference. It was pretty cool and a HUGE accomplishment not only for myself but for UC Riverside too.

N.G.F: Aside from the track and field, what are your other personal wins?



J.L: My recent personal win is landing my current position with the Golden State Warriors! Right now the Golden State Warriors is one of the top teams in the NBA right now and it’s such a blessing to work with them. This position is definitely a step towards my career in sports management. I think this was a win for me because when I got the call for an interview I was given an offer that same week! I started work the following Monday.

N.G.F: What’s your most recent greatest moment?

J.L: My best-friend and I was on season 27 of CBS’ Amazing Race, a competitive show about racing around the world for a million dollars. It was a grueling six month process to get on the show but that didn’t bother us because we thought if we won the money we would be set. Sadly, we didn’t win. It was a hard time for me because I always had my ducks in a row so when we got back from filming, I had bills! After the show I was applying to jobs like crazy. I started networking with everyone I knew in the sports management business. Fortunately, after several trials and errors, I managed to get the job with the Warriors. That was a pretty hard time for me to seat there and play the waiting game. I sacrificed everything for that show and I didn’t even win!

N.G.F: What is your definition of a boss?


J.L: I believe a boss is someone who has their priorities lined up. They have useful experiences that can teach and help others to achieve their goals. I believe a boss is someone who has the power to lead by example for many people to follow and appreciate. They are grounded and are able to pave the way. Lastly, I believe a boss is someone who is humbled. Someone anyone can relate to and striving to get to where they are someday.

N.G.F: How do you find your balance within your diet?

J.L: Since I’ve been an athlete for a huge portion of my life, I still have a routine diet. However, it wasn’t always like that! When I graduated from UC Riverside, I felt free! I immediately ate all the crazy foods like hot cheetohs, candy, and everything in between for about a week. I mean, I still have my cheat days but I limit them regularly. If I am going to consume junk I want to pay for it during my workouts. I mean if you are going to intake crazy meals then you have to do something that will not allow for it to stay in your body.



You can walk, run, and/or complete any exercises that can burn off the calories. For me, I love to do abs exercises before bed. I really don’t want my eating to result in people saying, “OHHH, she stopped being an athlete and just blew up!” I’m not training like I did before but I still try to maintain my health and shape. Ultimately, I believe that eating healthy, drinking lots of water and liquids are keys to living that balanced healthy lifestyle.

N.G.F: What kind of ab workout are you using?

J.L: Currently, I do Ab Ripper X which is from P90x and it a fifteen minute non-stop exercise video. Ab Ripper X has ten different exercises and about 25 sets for each. The exercises includes multiple variations from Russian twists, different sit-ups to different types of floor kicks like scissor kicks. It really works out every single ab muscles like the lower abs muscles…the hardest to burn.

Personally, I don’t use Ab Ripper X every day because it will seriously burn me out. In fact, I don’t believe in working out every single day because it’s really unhealthy and dangerous. Even when I was in track at my highest ability, I wasn’t going hard every day. I had recovery days which allowed my body to rest.  Like I said before, if you go hard, hard, hard, all the time, you will easily burn out and your body will shut down. You have to give your body rest because when you are sleeping your body is changing. You may not know it but it’s changing. You need to rest. Let’s say, you’re New Year’s resolution is to work out every day. It may sound good but in actuality that’s not a good goal to achieve. Heck, it’s not even realistic!

Truthfully, if you want a recovery day, you can go for a walk or use a treadmill at a very low speed. You may be going “slow” but you’re still active! You’re recovery day doesn’t have to be just sitting down watching television you can still be active and walk around the block. You don’t have to go hard all the time. 

N.G.F: How do you stay motivated during your workout routines?

J.L: Earlier when I was an athlete it was easier to stay motivated because I was motivated to win a championship…I was motivated to get that 1st place medal. Today I still have that motivation. I want to live a healthy lifestyle and I want people to know that when they see me.  I always tell people to not strive to be people on Instagram. Just because they look “good” doesn’t necessarily mean they are healthy. Believe me, pumping iron at the gym is not going to give you the body you see on social media because everybody is built differently.


You have to do what works well for your body. What motivates me is to be healthy is to know I am doing this to live longer. I know in order to achieve that I must drink water, exercise regularly and eat my fruits and veggies.

N.G.F: How do you stay confident?

J.L: I truly don’t care about what people say or think about me and I try to embrace all my flaws. I stay confident by reevaluating myself from time to time and to write down my dreams/aspirations. I believe confidence can be developed and when you truly love yourself, including your body and everything you’ve worked towards and you see results, that’s when the magic happens.

If your goal is to reach 100 crutches but you managed to reach 50, that’s still something to be confident about. You can look back and see how far you’ve really come. When you truly love yourself, great things will happen on and many people will definitely see a spark in you. Plus, when you have a great support system from your loved ones that can definitely boost your confidence levels through the roof.

Thank you all for reading! I hope to continue to invite inspiring people onto my blog soon. Stay tuned!!!


“If you listen carefully to all he says and do everything that I tell you, I will be an enemy to your enemies. I will fight all who fight against you.” -Exodus 23:22

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