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My Experience with Diet Pills

Hey yalls! I hope you all are doing well. In this post I will discuss my experience with diet pills. Unfortunately at the beginning of my fitness journey (over 5 years ago) I took diet pills to lose weight. I wanted to discuss this story to steer you away from poor fitness choices. As usual, grab a cup of tea, coffee, or snack and enjoy the read! ALSO, please email me if there’s a topic you want me to discuss.


While I was at UC Riverside (my undergraduate college) I was exposed to weightloss  pills. I was so messed up with my body image, I resorted to pills to help trim the fat I thought I had. I got the idea of taking the pills from watching a talk show (I won’t expose for legal reasons) and they had A LOT of good reviews about a product that helped many people lose belly and overall body fat. I was convinced! Immediately, I found the product online and realized that it was SUPER expensive. I found an alternative product and ordered it from an unsolicited website (worst mistake EVER) because it was cheaper. I consumed the pills until the bottle was nearly empty. I wanted to see results and I was determined to do whatever it took.


After several weeks, I felt very light-weight/headed. I wasn’t high or anything but my body felt extremely weird. After a month or two passed, I did not feel like myself. Although I was losing a little weight here and there; I was completely drained! To make matters worse, I was even addicted to taking the pills. I wanted more and despite the terrible side effects, I was still obsessed with seeing real and fast results.

I grew impatient. I went online to look up a stronger dose but came up empty. Instead, I found a website that contained a review of my product. I discovered the serve side effects many people suffered from it. The list was outrageous! Lots of people suffered from blood clots, dizziness, and other illnesses. A light switch beamed. I was afraid that if I continued taking the pills I would end up sick or worse, dead!


I finally came to my senses (Thank the LORDDD) and I forced myself to love my body at the size it was. I forced myself to not compete or confirm to society’s body standards. It was hard, it was a process, and it was most definitely a challenge. OBVIOUSLY, I don’t advise anyone to take diet pills because it’s harmful to your body, addictive, and deadly. Even if you weight 200+ lbs., DON’T TAKE THEM! It’s not worth the side effects. Many of these weightloss companies target consumers who have low self-esteem or want rapid results. These companies promises that their pills contain “healthy” substances that will produce strong bones, fast metabolism, and even ABS! I hate to break the news to you but trust me, its ALL LIES!! LIES I TELL YOU! L-I-E-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S!!


If you want to see real results you must remain patient! Shedding large amounts of weight takes time and losing it in an unhealthy way can make you gain it all back (and more) quickly. Also, before you start a workout plan, it is very, very, very important to have self-love! This was something I struggled with at the beginning of my fitness journey. If you want to read more about fitness and self-love, check out my previous post: Here

I hope this can help YOU or someone you know to stay far, far, far away from weightloss pills. It’s not worth the long time damages or your life.

SIDENOTE: I will be writing about Herbal Life and weightloss teas very soon. Stay Tuned!!

Until next time 🙂


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  • DenayTheDiva
    October 26, 2015 at 7:28 AM

    Great post!! Overall, health and fitness are things that I strive for in my everyday life. I am a victim of wanting instant results. There are times when I am hitting the gym hard, eating great, and being a fitness hero and then there are times when I tend to fall off; getting into the trendy-fadish weight loss programs. I realize now that I put too much stress on my body even though I know that fitness first begins with the mind. Our personal realities shape our perception of how we are “supposed” to look so I have been consciously working on re-imaging my reality and not focusing so much on how the media says I should be… It’s working but it’s still a work-in-progress. Thanks so much for posting this! XOXO

    • Anthonia
      October 26, 2015 at 7:54 PM

      Thank you for reading Denay! It’s a constant struggle and a shame that many women (and men) fall victims to these companies!! Especially Herbal Life and the weight loss teas on Instagram.

      Wanting instant results is my problem too! I used to go to extreme measures to lose weight. It was crazy! Luckily I’ve slowed down a bit. I agree too,everything is a work in progress.

      I’m glad you found this post useful!!

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