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Suffering from Gym-Intimidation? 

When I first started going to the gym, I stayed on the cardio machines like glue. I was too shy and intimidated to even step foot into the weightroom. I dreaded it because it was ALWAYS packed with men and women who lifted weights that were at least 2000lbs! I knew if I lifted any weights in there I would look like a complete fool! People would immediately know I was an amateur.confidence6

Luckily, I grew some confidence and eventually started lifting weights with the “big dogs.” But don’t be mistaken. I started gradually by following four steps that slowly (but surely) made it easier for me to conquer the weightroom! Below I have four easy confidence boosters that I used to overcome gym-imidation.



Before I mustered up the courage to enter the weight room, I researched multiple strength training exercises and their proper forms. The last thing I wanted was to severely injure myself. Before I went to the gym, I planned which muscle groups I wanted to target then Googled the proper forms. My planning helped tremendously because I knew exactly how to lift the weights correctly. I felt like a pro! Therefore I highly suggest educating yourself and research, research, research, RESEARCH the proper forms.

SIDENOTE: I noticed that weighted squats are one of many strength training exercises done WRONG.

Here’s a website on strength training exercises and their proper forms. (This is NOT the only website out there, feel free to “Google” OR “YouTube” what you’re looking for.)




I mostly relied on my music when I was inside the weight room. I played inspirational songs (AKA Hip Hop) that uplifted my spirits and kept me motivated. You can create “gym” playlists to keep you inspired and pumped. If you don’t own a MP3 Player or CD player, (Yes I said CD Player) then rely on the music inside the gym. The volume on the speakers are usually loud and sometimes can keep you focused.

Here’s my ULTIMATE go-to gym song: All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled



Sometimes you gotta fake the confidence until you really start to believe it. Remember this, you deserve to be in the gym just like everyone else. For the most part, you are paying the same monthly fees too! Most folks, especially women, are self-conscious about the gym/weight room because of their size. Forget that! Calm down and don’t allow your deepest fears of people judging you affect you. I can promise you this, when people are in the gym, they are more concerned with what they’re doing than what YOU are doing!


So wipe that doubt from your face, lift your head up and show them who’s BO$$!



As you walk on the treadmill contemplating on entering the weight room, just jump off and do it! There’s really no need to be fearful or be intimidated. Sitting contemplating about people judging you can be used towards actually exercising. Also, there is a 99.9 % chance that no one is really judging you anyway.

“If you let fear control your life, you will continue to live in a teeny, tiny, familiar little box know as your “comfort zone.” And in case you’re wondering, that is not where the magic happens.” –Molly Galbraith

If you are still intimidated by the gym grab a gym partner and conquer it together. Everyone has to start somewhere. Even those people you might feel intimidated by were once in your shoes. There was a time when they were new to the gym/ weightroom too.confidence1

So just relax and do your thing! You got this! And if you ever need advice feel free to email me


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  • MattisonB
    December 24, 2015 at 3:55 PM

    I really needed this post, especially since I am trying to go to the gym more often in 2016. Self-confidence is the biggest reason that I won’t step foot in there anyways lol.

    • Anthonia
      December 29, 2015 at 2:33 PM

      Hi there, I’m glad you found this article helpful! Developing self-confidence at the gym was a major issue when I first started my journey over 4 years ago. Its a gradual process but believing yourself is the first step. Thanks for reading again! 🙂

  • Beach Body Bliss
    December 29, 2015 at 11:32 PM

    I definitely have gym fear… or weight room fear. It’s getting better tho, this helps!

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