Sunday Night Reflections

*Written two weeks ago

I decided to do something new, not sure if I’ll continue posting “Sunday night reflections” but felt it in my heart to create this. Therefore, this post may seem all over the place but bear with me yall. I had to get some things off my mind.

Plus,  I wanted to use these ‘Sunday Night Reflections’ posts to express my thoughts on a whole ‘nother level. I want to use this platform to discuss love, friendships, TV shows, or random stuff that intrigues me (and may satisfy you too.) #HamilitonMusical

As the months after graduation progressed, I’ve been busy…busier than ever and I must admit, I’m almost infatuated with the idea that I’m constantly working…working on me: spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally (you get the gist). I’ve definitely been through various challenges (personally) over the past few weeks BUT I’ll fully disclose them on a future post. Hang on tight.

Anyhow, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post I’ve started working for a major network, drum roll please…ABC, YAS LAWD. I can’t express how many nights/days I’ve prayed for this opportunity. I tell you, God is FAITHFUL, never ever give up on Him. If you have a vision or goal in mind, stay faithful + prayerful. Whatever it is…it WILL come to pass. During the season of waiting for employment, I did feel discouraged on some days and even thought I chose the wrong career path. WRONG! The devil is a lie and would trick you into believing ANYTHING! Stay focused and be patient. God’s timing is the best time.

Tonight I wanted to briefly discuss a message a guest pastor at my church (Fellowship Church in Antioch, CA) Jablin Chavez that stuck to me like glue.  How to fix your eyes upon the Lord and remember His previous victories. Whenever I find myself in a stressful/sticky situation I quickly forget how God is in control and I panic…YES. I. PANIC. I can be a mess sometimes and it’s normal. I feel as if I lose control and can’t see past a thick fog of unforeseen problems. Like most people I console with love ones about my crazy circumstances and they give me sound advice. Sometimes, after hearing from multiple sources, I still find myself secluded and wonder if seeking God first would in fact help me. You see, there’s nothing wrong with seeking friends/family for advice, in fact, sometimes God sends people to you as an open ear. However, I found that seeking Him first gave me the ultimate peace of mind. Now this my friends is something I must always remember. I’m keeping this post brief but I want to remind you all to keep the faith, stay in prayer and always, always, ALWAYS think positive & seek Him FIRST.

Love always,


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