What I learned in 2017! (A Year in Review!!)

WOW, I can’t believe 2017 is coming to a close and 2018 is just around the corner. I’ve learned, matured, and gained so much wisdom this year. Last year I declared that 2017 would be the ‘LITest’ year and God definitely came through (As Always). I’ve graduated with my Masters, got my first job as a producer at a major studio, got my documentary “She” to premiere at San Francisco Transgender Film Festival and developed Reel Oakland. What a year it has been!


Screening my documentary ‘She’ at a few festivals/conferences…more to come!


Producing an episode with ABC-7!

Here’s a few things I want to accomplish next year & beyond:

  1. Do something everyday that scares me
  2. Be present for EVERYTHING, (less social media more human connections)
  3. Be grateful + thankful
  4. Be more organized !!!

Amidst my accolades, hopes, dreams and visions, this year tested my faith + trust in God. As many of you all know, I’m pretty transparent about my trials and tribulations and shy away from sugar coating things. I believe it’s important to be transparent about your life’s struggles to motivate others so they too can survive. A few months ago, I was jobless and couldn’t find employment anywhere. It was frustrating and somewhat embarrassing because I had a Master’s Degree that cost tons of money to obtain yet I couldn’t find stable employment. I felt all sorts of sad emotions and was fearful that it would never happen for me. Luckily, friends + family and myself pulled me out of that rut and kept me focused. In that season, I quickly learned that everything has an appointed time. It may not happen when we want it, but God is always on time! During that season of unemployment, I depended on Him, learned how to manage my savings, continued to freelance with production companies to sharpen my skills, and understood that the grind is so important.

Now that I’m employed, I feel extremely grateful that God provided and i’m thankful that I didn’t give up. I simply #KeptGoing. It was tough y’all and at times I was doubtful. That season taught me to not overthink or over analyze (still an everyday struggle…) but to fight for what I truly believe and want for my life. I want to thank everyone that stuck by my side and kept my fire fueling. Y’all are so, so dope. Thank you!

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Meeting Chris Rock after his comedy show!

Aside from my job search/employment, I believe this year was not only a year of blessings, BUT a year of personal growth. This year I gained and loss some relationships and learned that…again…everything genuinely happens for a reason. Nothing can be forced and the best things happen organically. With that being said, whatever is meant to be in your life, will be. For YEARS I’ve heard this saying, but this year God gave me s000000000ooooo many examples y’all LOL.

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Summer wedding fun with the fam!


HESS outing with ABC-7/ KOIT…I felt s0o0 bougie that day lol



Eclipsed Off-Broadway Play!!

Moving forward, I am excited for what’s to come in the new year. I am happy that I have a platform where I can express myself to others who may relate. I have huge goals planned for next year and beyond…and I already see those things manifesting which is scary and exciting at the same time.

I hope you found this post to be hopeful. I love y’all, stay blessed, and hungry for many opportunities. See you in the next year!



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